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Cookie Policy

DANIEL JAMES LONDON and its partners utilize various tracking technologies, including analytical and personalization cookies, as well as cookies for targeted advertising. Your consent is essential for the placement and retrieval of these cookies. You have the option to tailor your preferences for cookie placement by selecting the "Customize my choices" button, or alternatively, you can opt for either "Refuse All" or "Accept All". For further details regarding the cookies employed by us, please feel free to inquire.


Date: 10/05/2024

This Cookies Policy outlines how we manage cookies on and provides insights into the origin, utilization, and management of browsing information processed during your visit to our website.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that may be stored on your device (such as a computer, smartphone, tablet) through your web browser during your visit to our website. With your consent, these cookies enable DANIEL JAMES LONDON to identify your device during subsequent visits. Only the issuer of a cookie can access or modify the information within it.

Cookies Issued by DANIEL JAMES LONDON and its Service Providers

1. NECESSARY Cookies (Session Cookies): These cookies are essential for smooth website navigation, particularly for seamless order processing. Deleting these cookies could hinder website browsing and prevent order placement. They are installed by DANIEL JAMES LONDON or its service providers.

2. ANALYTIC AND PERSONALIZATION Cookies (Persistent Cookies): These cookies are not essential for browsing but enhance features like search assistance and optimize your shopping experience.

3. ADVERTISING Cookies (Third-Party Cookies): These cookies are not critical for browsing but are tailored to display more relevant ads to you.

Please note that when multiple individuals use the same device with different browser software programs, personalized services and ads may not be guaranteed. Managing your device and browser's cookie settings becomes your responsibility.

Cookies Issued by Other Companies.

Third-party cookies introduced and utilized on our website are governed by the personal data protection policies of those entities. We may incorporate third-party digital applications (e.g., "Share" and "Like" buttons) for content or session sharing. These applications may originate from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We recommend reviewing these networks' privacy policies.

Managing Stored Cookies.

The decision to store a cookie on your device is yours. You can configure your browser settings to accept or reject cookies. Each browser has distinct configuration options, usually explained in the browser's help menu. Familiarize yourself with these options to adjust your cookie preferences.

For your convenience, here are links to manage cookies in popular browsers:

- Internet Explorer™: [Link](

- Safari: [Link](

- Chrome: [Link](

- Firefox: [Link](

- Opera™: [Link](

Please note that adjusting your browser's cookie settings may impact your online browsing experience and access to services requiring cookie usage for which we cannot be a responsible.


Cookies are small data pieces (text files) that websites request your browser to store on your device, remembering details such as language preferences or login info. These can be first-party cookies set by us or third-party cookies from a different domain. We utilize cookies and tracking technologies for various purposes:


These cookies are essential for site functionality and cannot be disabled. They respond to your actions, such as privacy preference settings, logins, or form fills. While you can block or receive alerts about these cookies, certain site portions may not work, and no personally identifiable data is stored.


These cookies track visits and traffic sources, aiding us in enhancing site performance. They provide insight into popular and less-frequented pages, allowing us to optimize the site. All collected data is aggregated and anonymous. Disabling these cookies means we won't monitor your site visits or performance.


Our advertising partners may set these cookies on our site. They help build an interest profile for tailored ads on other sites, but don't store personal info. While not mandatory, these cookies deliver more focused advertising.


Social media services introduce these cookies to share our content within your network. They track your browser across sites, shaping the content you see elsewhere. Disabling these cookies may affect your ability to use sharing tools.